We love our work and it would be great to be able to tell everyone about it.

However, our greatest company value is to ensure customer privacy. The information that we collect are the sole property of the customer. We do not reveal sensitive company information or the personal opinions of respondents, not only because of research ethics, but because we know the value of information. After all, this is how we make a living: providing information for change!

To better understand our position on privacy, consider a few things:

When the client chooses not to reveal their identity, research is more costly because it is harder to convince people to respond. Respondents like to know to whom they are speaking.

If the client wants to get opinions, but is willing to be identified at the completion of the interview, it facilitates the work and stimulates responses.

When the client does not care whether the respondents know who is behind the research, the chance of potential respondents participating in the survey increases significantly.

When the client wishes to be mentioned, the respondent will behave in a manner consistent with his relationship with the client, i.e. he will direct his comments to him. There are both advantages and disadvantages, but we believe that the benefits are far greater. Gone are the days when people felt intimidated and left things unsaid. Today, people feel at ease speaking out and even send messages directly to the company in order to contribute to improvement. Customers know that building values is a collective effort and they exert their role and their power in an interview.

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Vanessa Dias and S

The consulting services of VB Marketing served to boost and professionalize the company. They pointed out new horizons and possibilities for action, offered guidance for the marketing of our services, especially when it was a matter of an innovative marketing activity. Vanessa Dias and S

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Mystery Shopper

The mystery shopper never reveals their identity as such, except during reward visits, when the service provider

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We were extremely happy with the work of VB Marketing, which in addition to market research, oriented us to the challenges that we must overcome.

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Frank Benemond

We are highly satisfied with the results of the VB Marketing research in revealing the realities of the municipalities surveyed, bringing new decisions to help us achieve our goals.

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Nayara Morais Bernardes

VB Marketing delivers a serious, committed, and clear project.